Foreclosure Prevention Scams – How to Identify Them and What To Do About Them

When you’re experiencing a financial difficulty, you’re an easy target. Scammers are out there, and unfortunately, they know how to target you. The first red flag: If the service provider says they can stop your foreclosure for a fee before or after they provide services, it is likely a scam. If you are in foreclosure, seek assistance through a Housing Counseling Agency, such as HOPE of Evansville. We never charge for our Foreclosure Prevention Services. If you think you’ve been scammed, visit here or contact the Indiana State Attorney General's office.

How to Avoid Foreclosure Scams

If you’re struggling to pay your mortgage, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Do not wait to do something until foreclosure proceedings have been started. 

  • Seek assistance from a HUD Certified Housing Counseling Agency if you are struggling to pay your mortgage. 
  • If you are suffering from a hardship, such as involuntary unemployment, a reduction in income due to a change of job or loss of income due to a medical illness, divorce or death of a spouse, please seek foreclosure prevention services and financial counseling from a HUD Certified Housing Counseling Agency, such as HOPE of Evansville. 
  • Only your mortgage company has the ability to grant a loan modification. No third party can guarantee or pre-approve your mortgage modification.
  • Beware of third party mail and phone solicitations that claim to be from your mortgage company which insist payments be sent to an alternate contact or address that is different from the information in your mortgage statement. 
  • Beware of third party companies who offer to buy your house for cash for much lower than the selling price of similar houses in your neighborhood. 
  • Do not sign over the deed to your property to any individual or organization unless you are working directly with your mortgage company to forgive your debt. 
  • You can apply for mortgage assistance on your own or with free help from a HUD Certified Housing Counseling Agency such as HOPE of Evansville, or by calling 1-877-438-4673, or by applying online.
  • If you contact HOPE of Evansville for foreclosure prevention and we cannot help you, we will give you referrals to Indiana Legal Aid or Neighborhood Christian legal services to see if they can assist you. We also have a list of bankruptcy attorney’s that could be of assistance to you. 

HOPE of Evansville provides Foreclosure Prevention services to Vanderburgh, Warrick, Posey, Gibson, Pike, Dubois, Spencer, and Perry Counties in Indiana. Contact Kathy at HOPE of Evansville at 812-423-3169 Ext. 102.