5 Reasons to Come to Fair Shot

Tori DillingerAdministrative Assistant

I went to last month’s Fair Shot. Here’s why you should go, too.

Now, I am not going to go into the details of what was taught at the Fair Shot classes I attended. We all have played “telephone” and know someone trying to recount what they learned will always be a little off from the original. 

What I will talk about is why the Fair Shot Class is such a great opportunity based off my personal experience. Here are my top five reasons to sign-up for an upcoming Fair Shot course.

  1. It’s FREE. Let’s be honest, even a $100 can be a lot depending on your current financial situation. I know that paying for a finance course would probably pay for itself within a few months, but it is still difficult to tell myself that I can afford it.  That is why I think it is so cool that The Fair Shot classes are being offered for free. No matter how much or how little extra cash you have laying around, for the cost of three hours of your time, you can get a basic introduction to financial skills! 

  2. It forces you to take a hard look at your finances. I know for me it is often easy to forget about budgets (especially when I know I am exceeding them). After taking Fair Shot, I feel like I have a much better handle on how to go about the process of budgeting, and I have a better feel for where my current spending is. Literally the weekend after taking the course, I sat down and mapped out a new budget page in my bullet journal. It’s still early, but I have been much more aware of my expenses this month and have done a lot better sticking to my budget.

  3. There really are no “stupid questions.” Until going to Fair Shot, I had never found a place to learn about “adulting” from both a reliable and non-judgmental source. At Fair Shot I was confident everything I was learning was what any future lender would care about because I was being taught by real bankers. And, unlike if I had gone to a bank, they were not there to sell me any products. Everyone there was trying to learn, so it didn’t feel like I would be judged for asking questions, even ones I “should” already know.

  4. You get “insider intel.” The thought of purchasing a home has always been a little intimidating to me. What all is covered by mortgage payments? What is a reasonable amount to pay for a mortgage? What are banks looking at when considering me for a loan? Luckily, the second class covered all of this and more. I learned what a potential lender will want to see before approving me for a mortgage and what different options may be available. I also finally got a straightforward explanation of what the process looks like.

  5. FREE FOOD! Okay, this aspect isn’t as important as the others, but getting three dinners was pretty awesome. At each class we had a catered meal. Like an actual dinner, not cheese and crackers and a fruit tray. And everyone who completes both classes gets a coupon for a free Lil’ Zip and drink from Azzip Pizza. Come to think of it, I gotta go. There’s an Italian Stallion with my name on it…