Mark Nicholson to Speak at HOPE’s Raise the Roof Breakfast

Hear Mark Nicholson’s inspiring story of achievement through mistakes, defeat, courage, and rising on Tuesday, October 29 at 7:30am at Party Central in Evansville during HOPE’s annual Raise the Roof Breakfast.

Public Housing Programs Targeted to Help Residents Become Self-Sufficient

For those on Housing Choice Vouchers and in Public Housing, it seems like you are penalized for trying to get ahead. By working and generating a higher income, you are threatened with the idea that you will lose the safety net of rental assistance if you make too much.

Hospital Bills Getting You Down? Need Help Covering the Expense? There’s an App(lication) for That.

We see clients every day who are strapped for cash because of their hospital bills, and we are always surprised when they say they haven’t applied for financial assistance for those bills.

Why Payday Loans Are the Worst Solution to Your Money Troubles

There are more payday loan centers than there are McDonald’s – that should tell you something about their profitability. Don’t be the one paying to keep the lights on at Kwik Kash.

Why is Government Funding Critical to Solving the Affordable Housing Crisis?

What exactly is the “affordable housing crisis” cited in the news? In one sentence, there is a mismatch between what working-class families make and the cost of housing available to them.

Fun Ways to Teach Your Kids About Saving – It’ll Make You a Better Saver Too!

Teaching your kids how to save money is one of the most valuable life lessons you can teach – but how do we teach them to save before they have an income?

Things You Don’t Do & Do, Do for A Great Credit Score

Our last blog gave a high-level overview of what credit is and how it impacts our lives. In today’s post, we will help you learn some “Do’s and Don’ts” to a good credit score.

Introduction to Your Credit Score

Credit scores are one of those things that can really impact your life. Beyond the obvious applications such as applying for a loan, it is common for landlords and even employers to request to see your credit history.

Fair Shot Financial Education 2019 Schedule

The Promise Zone and HOPE of Evansville in partnership with Fifth Third Bank, Old National Bank, Junior Achievement, and United Way are collaborating to bring free financial education classes to Evansville.

Disparities Between Homeownership and Race that Exist in Evansville

Last week we shared an article from USA today about the disparity between white, black, and Hispanic home owners in America. This raised a question for us: does this disparity exist in our hometown?