Foreclosure Prevention

HOPE has been assisting families in preventing the foreclosure of their homes for over 10 years. While the options for foreclosure prevention are ever changing HOPE remains committed to helping families remain in their homes. HOPE works directly with families who are currently behind or are at risk of falling behind on their mortgage payments to:

1) Assess their situation to determine possible solutions

2) Create a crisis budget to determine how much they can afford for a mortgage payment

3) Gather documents to support their need for a reduced or suspended mortgage payment

4) Apply with their mortgage company or servicer for a lowered or reduced mortgage payment

5) Follow-up on the application until a determination is made.

If you or a friend/family member have fallen behind or are at risk of falling behind on mortgage payment please contact HOPE today by calling HOPE's Foreclosure Prevention Counselor at (812) 423-3169 ext. 102. We look forward to assist you in maintaining your dream of homeownership.

Kathy Duncan

Foreclosure Prevention Specialist

812-423-3169 ext.102