Free Classes for DIY Projects Around Your Home

Nikki WallerDirector of Financial & Relational Development

Okay homeowners & soon-to-be-homeowners – it’s spring time. You know what that means... there will be a ton of commercials prompting us to be the weekend DIY warrior around our home and we will all eventually cave to the temptation and finally do THAT project. 

As a homeowner, I’ve relied heavily on DIY blogs and YouTube videos to learn how to do things. Eventually, I’ll screw it up and end up on FaceTime with my dad, who is in Texas, trying to find a solution. A handful of times, he’s told me to just go and ask someone at the hardware store.

I always wished there was a place to have someone go through the process of doing home DIY things. I just wanted a professional to teach me how to do it. I always thought, maybe I won’t screw it up the first time if I have an actual teacher instead of a blog to skim through.

Then, I discovered that most home improvement stores offer free classes.

Let me say that again, FREE CLASSES.

I had to know more, so I got my hands on the schedule of upcoming classes at Home Depot. 

Here it is:

Saturday, 4/6/19, 9a-Noon - Kids Workshop: How to Build a Birdhouse

Saturday, 4/13/19, 10a-11:30a – Deck & Patio Staining

Saturday, 4/20/19, 10a-11:30a – How to Build a Container Garden

Saturday, 4/27/19, 10a-11:30a – Installing Tile Flooring

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I love free information (hence, Fair Shot Financial Education).

Now, my bathroom needs some work and I’m not working with the biggest budget for a total makeover by a professional. So, you’ll for sure see me there on 4/27 to learn about tiling. 

Let me know if you’ll be there too!